Flickr Cull / by Neil Alexander

This is something I've been thinking about doing for a while. I've quite a bit of stuff on there that to be honest, I no longer think is worthy of being up there. And as a result of listening to Martin Bailey's latest podcast ( ) about performing his own gallery pruning, I decided to spring into action. As a wise man once said, your representation as a photographer is only as good as your worst image. I've left all the pictures of the kids and stuff up there as their private and for family viewing only. It's the public stuff that I wanted to trim as in addition to my main gallery site (, my Flickr stuff is also a representation of me as a photographer. I've been fairly ruthless so far and removed about a quarter, but I think I've still got quite a way to go. My criteria are "Is this an image that I would print now?" and "Do I feel that this image reflects my skills and current style?".