Selected from the web - April 14th by Neil Alexander

Flickr Cull by Neil Alexander

This is something I've been thinking about doing for a while. I've quite a bit of stuff on there that to be honest, I no longer think is worthy of being up there. And as a result of listening to Martin Bailey's latest podcast ( ) about performing his own gallery pruning, I decided to spring into action. As a wise man once said, your representation as a photographer is only as good as your worst image. I've left all the pictures of the kids and stuff up there as their private and for family viewing only. It's the public stuff that I wanted to trim as in addition to my main gallery site (, my Flickr stuff is also a representation of me as a photographer. I've been fairly ruthless so far and removed about a quarter, but I think I've still got quite a way to go. My criteria are "Is this an image that I would print now?" and "Do I feel that this image reflects my skills and current style?".

Focus expo at the NEC and stuff.... by Neil Alexander

I've managed to complete my photography portfolio website - So I'll shortly be taking the galleries on down I'm afraid. I can't manage both galleries and Flickr, and my Stockphoto account. So all porfolio stuff will go on the Fill Factor site, and works in progress and ideas will go onto Flickr - I'm still working on the buying of prints and the fulfillment for the portfolio. I went to the Focus expo ( at the NEC yesterday - "FOCUS ON IMAGING is Europe's biggest annual imaging show, covering all your needs from image capture through to output and beyond". It was worth the trip. I found several options for fulfillment companies for my online gallery. Loads of different framing and mounting options, and all the kit that you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately, my shopping list has increased fourfold!

As the weather forecast was half decent and as the show didn't start until 10am, I left the house at 5 to beat the traffic on the M6 and I fancied doing some street stuff in Birmingham before I went. The weather was "sunny intervals", and I got some good stuff. I was using the trusty old Olympus 35mm as I got a job lot of out of date slide film for a song and planned getting it cross-processed. I focused on "text and image" for a couple of rolls. And the I found a nice spot near the Bull Ring where the sun was behind me, and I could hide in the glare until the subjects were nearly on top of me and shot another roll there. The difference in people's attitude when you take their photograph never ceases to amaze me. Some will just smile as they pass, yet others will frown, glare and turn away. Britain is the most observed country in the world. If you go into a city centre these days, you can't fail to spot the plethora of CCTV cameras everywhere you go. So why do they object to a photographer taking their picture? Beats me, but I love provoking a response! I will post the results on Flickr tomorrow, hopefully.....