Camera Bag Dilemma

I currently use a LowePro MiniTrekker in which to keep my digital stuff. There's a D70s (which is due to be upgraded very shortly), 3 lenses and a host of filters, wireless remotes, spirit levels etc etc. I can't fit everything in but it does the job. The downside is that it doesn't have a tripod attachments, and I have a couple of other lenses that don't fit. My film bag is the largest Billingham Pro 550 affair. It does just about fit everything in. The Hassy, 3 lenses, 2 backs, Polaroid back, prism finder, filters, lens hoods etc etc, so when fully stocked its pretty damn heavy, and seriously uncomfortable when carting it any distance.

As I am starting to do some stock stuff, and having great trouble scanning dust free negs, there have been several instances lately when I've been out shooting film, that it would have been really handy to have the digital stuff with me. Also having 2 separate bags means I need to plan ahead 24 hours every time I want to go shooting and decide which bag to take home from work so I can have it with me the next morning. I can't feasibly carry 2 bags around, nor can I fit sufficient film kit in the LowePro along with the digi.

So this is my dilemma. Do I opt for one large bag like a LowePro Super Trekker AW II (,2050,14.htm ), do I risk leaving everything in the boot of the car all time, or do I just try and squeeze everything in one bag leaving out stuff that may seem non-essential at the time but be crucially missed when on location?

The Super Trekker is about £300 and this is seriously going to eat into my D300 fund…. Why can't I have my cake, and eat it???