Peak District Outing..... / by Neil Alexander

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Made the Peak District on Sunday morning. Up at 4:30, on location by about 6 - 45 mins before dawn. It was a pretty misty start up by the Cat & Fiddle. Headed down towards the Goyt Valley and popped the ol' wellies on to do some stuff in a stream. Got some interesting shots in there, and managed to keep my feet dry! Well dry-ish. On inserting my left foot into the first boot, I discovered that it still had rain in it from the previous day, as I'd left them outside after jet washing the drive. DOH! After the stream stuff, I jumped back in the car and headed over to Macc forest. The mist had lifted by this time and the sun appeared intermittently. I donned hiking boots, grabbed tripod and set off on foot. After about 20 minutes I realised that this was a bad idea. The Billingham bag I use for film is so damned heavy and uncomfortable! I really should have emptied the LowePro rucksack before I left but I hadn't envisaged doing much walking. So I trapsed back to the car and headed off elsewhere. Quite where I ended up, I'm not sure. It was by a small stream down the bottom of a single track road, but I got some great shots here too.

Peak District 6 by Fabrizio Filippini

All shot with T-Max 400 and processed in T-Max developer. I used some Ilfotol this time too instead of washing up liquid as my wetting agent and there is a vast improvement in the clarity of the negs. I'm afraid that I think I'll be ditching the Mobberley film in favour of Kodak from now on.