Dare to be bold by Neil Alexander

Headstones at night, Peak District, England, UK

When learning photography it becomes drilled into you that you have to get the exposure right. Watch the histogram! Make sure you're not clipping blacks or your whites. Which is all well and good but sometimes you need to break the rules to make art. 

This image from some years ago, 2007 in fact, is case in point. It was eery in this graveyard that night. I was alone, it was practically dark, there were no street lights to speak of and true to form, I'd left my torch in the car. It was just me and the dead. 

This set the mood for the image I wanted to make. Underexposing by a stop or probably two left the headstones in total black, no definition there whatsoever. To me this creates  a feeling of anonymity in the headstones, and gives the image a rather sinister vibe. Dark, moody and ever so slightly scary.

I could have lit the headstones with strobes or light painted them. Or I could have made a bracketed HDR exposure. That's what the rules would've said to do. 

To view the image larger or buy a print, visit the gallery here.

Incidentally, I've had a complete re-work of my print galleries. I've removed a lot of what I felt to be chaff, completely restructured into more appropriate titles, and re-processed almost every image up there. Check it out here.

Desktop Wallpaper for October 2012 by Neil Alexander


Boom! There goes another month in the blink of an eye. So that means it's time for a new desktop wallpaper. I've a little competition running revolving around this photograph, but to be eligible and party to the competition details you need to be in my "Image of the Month" club. Sign up here - you've got to be in it to win it!

Usual instructions apply - click the link most appropriate for your monitor and select "open in new tab" or "open in new window". Then once the image has downloaded you can set it as your desktop background from there. Feel free to share around. If there's a size that you want (you've some funky Dell tablet or some such), or it looks a little stretched on your monitor, simply ping me a comment below and I'll fix one up for you.



October 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – 2560 x 1600

October 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – 1920 x 1200

October 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – 1400 x 900

October 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – 1280 x 1024

October 2012 Desktop Wallpaper – 1024 x 768

Manchester In Art Exhibition by Neil Alexander

I currently have some work on display as part of the "Manchester In Art" exhibition at the Double Tree by Hilton in Manchester. The show only opened a couple of weeks ago, and has been extremely well received. There's all different styles and types of art on display, and all of a very high standard.

"Depicting one of Europe's greatest cities, with over 70 pieces of artwork by 18 local artists and photographers our latest exhibition celebrates Manchester in a unique way.

The Manchester In Art exhibition is located within the hotel's public spaces including the Lobby, Piccadilly Lounge, City Cafe, Mezzanine Breakout Space and the SkyLounge.

Curated by Ventures In Art, in partnership with Double Tree by Hilton Manchester Piccadilly.

If you would like to know more about any artist or artwork within the exhibition, please contact Simon Richards from Ventures In Art on or via"


The show is on until mid-January, but by all accounts work is selling fast. So don't hang around.