Re-processing old images in Lightroom 5 by Neil Alexander

Today as you may or may not be aware is the closing date for entries into the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition for which I've previously been shortlisted. As a result this last couple of weeks I've been pouring over my image archive trying to whittle down my entries. In addition, with the enhancements in the new version of Lightroom, I decided to revisit the processing of some of my older images. What you see below are the results of some further tweaks using the new radial filter tool and advanced adjustment brush.

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The beauty of these new features in Lightroom is that I now have to make fewer and fewer roundtrips into Photoshop. That makes huge time savings in my workflow. On top of that the new smart preview feature is an absolute life saver. I will do a further post in the future with my thoughts on the new features and enhancements.


My personal favourites from 2012 by Neil Alexander

Having let the dust settle on the images I made late last year up in the Lake District, it's time to trawl through my archive and select my personal favourite photographs from 2012. I can safely say, all in all, that I feel my work has once again improved upon the year before. It's always a very theraputic, yet time consuming exercise. I often find myself getting in a bit of a creative fug at the beginning of a new year, so I find this an extremely valuable lesson.

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If you'd like to do your own comparison, here are the similar post from 2011 & 2010

Have you compiled your favourites from last year? Feel free links to them in the comments below.

Do you have any particular favourites from my selections above?

The little hamlet of Duirnish, the Highlands by Neil Alexander

The little hamlet of Duirnish, where Highland cattle freely wander the streets

Further to my previous post on the Highlands of Scotland, I thought I'd post a few more photographs. The little hamlet of Duirnish (about which there is little I can gleam from t'internet) really caught my eye, primarily because on rounding a bend on the road between the A87 and the delightful seaside town of Plockton I had to anchor up hard to avoid half a dozen highland cattle asleep in the middle of the road. I waited patiently, then honked, then honked some more. They didn't even bat an eyelid. A local came the other way in a large 4x4 and quite literally gentled nudged them out of the way with her car. Clearly a common occurrence, though it did make me chuckle. When I finally made it through I discovered this wonderful little collection of cottages with cattle quite happily grazing away in the front gardens of the cottages! It had to be worth a few frames!

The little hamlet of Duirnish, where Highland cattle freely wander the streets

That's all for today. Hope you're all having a great week. Me? I'm on a beach somewhere :-)