10 Great articles for getting the best out of your camera / by Neil Alexander

Zejtun, Malta

 This week I thought I'd share some articles from around the internet all of which provide a whole host of insightful tips and lessons to help you get the best out of your camera.

    1. 6 Tips every new music photographer should know by Todd Owyoung Fancy getting into music photography? Then learn from the best. Todd is your man. If he hasn't shot them, then they ain't worth shooting, or they died a long time ago....
    2. 7 Photographic lessons learned traveling through Europe by Christina N Dickson Some basic non-technical tips for getting the best out of your travel photography.
    3. 7 Signs you've outgrown Flickr by Todd Owyoung At what point do you abandon your trusty Flickr account and set up your own website? Flickr certainly has its uses, but it also has more than its fair share of shortcomings.
    4. 7 Things I wish I'd have known when I first became a photographer by Scott Bourne Scott finishes this article with "If I could have had this conversation with myself 30 years ago, I'd have become a good photographer MUCH sooner." - I think that says it all. Well worth reading, digesting and bookmarking.
    5. 8 Things every camera owner should know about their camera by Lynford Morton Some essential points about your camera that you should know intimately such as "What's the fastest way to change your settings?", "How do you adjust your flash?" Get that manual out, and read, and re-read it. They didn't print it because they had reams of paper lying around.
    6. 10 of the things beginners should know about photography by Scott Bourne A concise list to get you started. Everyone's got to start somewhere. By no means comprehensive, but a great starter for 10
    7. 10 Lessons for portrait photographers: The art of story by Christina N Dickson Some more simple, non-technical tips for portrait photography from the plethora of information available over at the Digital Photography School
    8. 10 Principles of Beautiful photography by Trey Ratcliff In my opinion, Trey is the man. His work is simply breathtaking, so who better to serve up an article on beautiful photography.
    9. 12 Tips for DSLR Beginners by Mandy Jones You're not going to be Ansel Adams overnight, but this list will at least give you a good grounding.
    10. 13 Resources for DSLR Beginners by Mandy Jones Crikey, you're still here? And want to know more? I like it. Use Mandy's link above for even more information.