Some light reading / by Neil Alexander

I came across a post on Strobist titled "Keep a lighting file, version 2" which got me thinking that I really should start to keep an inspiration file of some description. It would consist of images and probably some text about the images and it would be something I could refer to every now and then when I'm feeling that I need a little creative input. It needs to be something I can add stuff to relatively easily and also something that I can easily copy onto and update on my Windows Mobile phone. So a folder of images just wont work. I could possibly create a Word document, but it could get very large very quickly! I'm not quite sure how I'll work this, but I'll post back when I've decided how to work it. (read the original Strobist article here)

Photopreneur recently published a very interesting article titled "Edgy photos sell in the art world" (read it here). The article describes the changes occurring in the art world as far as photography and the influences the emerging markets of the Far East particularly China are having on the market. It has to be every photographer's dream to see one of their photographs changing hands for a six figure sums, but unfortunately for most very unlikely to happen. But if you don't get your work out there, you'll never know.