Got my Lomo back!! / by Neil Alexander

I just got my Lomo LC-A back from a chap by the name of Roger Lean in London. The camera had developed a bit of an intermittent light leak and was generally in need of some TLC. I found Roger's details from a couple of forums and was seriously impressed with the service he provides. He had it for just over 2 weeks and I received it back with a comprehensive list of what he's repaired/changed or fiddled with all for the meager sum of £30! He can be reached on this number if you require his services - 0208 881 5208.

The marvelous PicLens add-on for Firefox that I mentioned in a previous post (here) has been rebranded and upgraded. It's now called CoolIris (not sure why the name's been changed - I prefer PicLens, but hey I'm no marketing guru!) and now has simple sharing functionality added. All in all, its a pretty damn cool product. Get it here :

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