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Apologies for the current irregular posting schedule. I knew that life was gonna get pretty hectic when this new webdev contract kicked in, but I don't think I quite realised how busy I'd be. But I never seem to get enough done! Anyway I'm in the process of fine tuning details of a project I'm going to get started on in the next fortnight or so, but more of that later this week.... I'm also about to start on a new workbook, basically a photographic "stream of consciousness". I'm going to include workings / thoughts for the projects I'll be working on, and also some notes of the more relevant information that I come across on the web or in books, or from exhibitions. I've learnt a lot from doing the last one, and have a much better idea how to improve on my technique. I think that this can be an invaluable tool for any artist and its a great way of consolidating your thoughts and ideas.
In the meantime, a few links for you.

1) Joe McNally is writing a new book due out in December titled "The Hot Shoe Diaries, Creative Applications of Small Flash". "Basically, it will be an irreverent brain dump of my whole history using small flash, back from when I first got my hands on flash powder to the SB-900. There will be sections on buttons and dials, batteries, flash attachments, light shaping tools from gaffer tape to umbrellas, and sketches" ... sounds like it'll be a useful resource and undoubtedly a right riveting read. - Read more about it here

2) Photopreneur have done an interesting article, "Put your Picture on the Cover of a Lonely Planet Travel Guide". The goal is obvious, but the methods are more interesting. The service the article is trying to promote uses geo-tagging (which I've yet to get into) and was released into beta last year. Pikeo is a "photography site for people on the move" and is currently running a competition in conjunction with Lonely Planet with some cool prizes on offer. Read more here

3) Scott Kelby's guest blogger last week was David duChemin who contributed a great motivational article about what he would say if he could have a heart to heart with a 14 year old version of himself just at the time he was getting into photography. It's a great article - read it here.

4) On the topic of project ideas, Thomas Hawk has written in detail about his $2 Portraits - a great idea if ever I head one - check it out here

5) Finally, if you occasionally read articles on sites like Strobist, but often struggle with some of the jargon (What's the difference between a snoot and a gobo??) , then Beyond MegaPixels have compiled a list of the most popularly used terms and what exactly they are - check it out here.

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