Aerial Photography / by Neil Alexander

Just a quick post for today. The wife and kids have gone out and I'm off to the gym shortly followed by the football. The season has started again.... at last!!

Anyway, I saw this link titled "60 Incredible Aerial Photos You Must See" in the show notes for the PhotoNetCast podcast Episode 9 which is some fantastic aerial photography from Yann Arthus Bertrand. There are some stunning images on this page and these are definitely a must see.

Totally amazed, I then I did a bit of googling on the photographer and found his own site (Click here). This is a truly outstanding project he's been running - he's amazed over half a million aerial photographs taken in some 100 countries! There's a whole host of environmental information on there and some other photography projects he's been working on (which are also worth a view). I was totally overwhelmed by the content of this site - it has to be seen to be believed.

There's also another site of his (link here) where there are 2000 aerial wallpapers to download complete with descriptive captions.... FOR FREE!

Truly an inspiration! Already googling helicopter hire...

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