Another week draws to a close... / by Neil Alexander

I've added the shots from the wedding that I did a couple of weeks back to my gallery - check them out here.

Brian Auer over at Epic Edits is running a pretty cool competition - "The $50 film camera". Yep you guessed it - it's a film themed and you gotta shoot it with a camera that cost less than $50 (or about £25). They've managed to get Ilford and Lomography involved with the prizes. The deadline is the 12th September, so get shooting - it sounds like fun. For more details, go here.

On a slightly different topic, my backup regime. I use EMC's Retrospect to run a nightly batch job to automatically duplicate images that I download from a CF card or scan negs onto my pc to an external USB drive. Every other day, I use Retrospect to copy the latest changes to the USB drive over a VPN to an external drive attached to a pc at home. It's all been working fine for months, but lately my office ADSL connection has been getting attacked which causes the router to drop the connection and the backup job to fail. The result is that the data gets copied over the Internet all over again, but they've been failing repeatedly so I've just had a bill from my ISP for exceeding my 50GB a month limit! I got an email warning last month, but an invoice this month. Fair enough I guess, so I've stopped the job that copies the data over the VPN and ordered a 32GB USB flash drive from Dabs and will have to copy the data manually for the time being until the attacks die down. The problem that I have now is managing changes. New files are easy enough to manage, but if I make changes to a bunch of sidecar files in Lightroom how do I reconcile the differences with the offsite storage? Any ideas????

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