DJ Mixes / by Neil Alexander


Some of you readers out there may be aware that back in the day or BC (before children), I used to spin the ol' 1's and 2's for a living (DJing to the laymen out there). I've been having a clear out of some spare hard disks to make room for more RAW files and I happened across some of my old mixes. I supported The Charlatans on a couple of tours around the UK and Europe at the time of their "Us and Us Only" tour around 1999 / 2000 inhabiting the tour bus with the crew and providing the "support act" to warm the crowd up before the band came on stage. It was quite an experience I can tell you - different city every night and all that - not quite Black Sabbath, but it was pretty rock 'n' roll. I also did some work for Toploader around the time they released their debut album "Mama's Big Onka" in 2001. Prior to that I had several residencies at clubs around Manchester when the scene was still thriving (and the music was good! Winking ). I also have literally hundreds of old mix tapes in the garage too, which I'm slowly but surely trying to digitise. Though some are a bit on the iffy side, and I don't just mean the quality of the recordings, there are a few gems in there that really take me back. So I thought I'd share them for those that are interested rather than having them sit on some old drive gathering dust so to speak. If you pop on over to my profile page on my main site, you'll see them at the bottom of the page. Feel free to pop on over and get your ears wet! Check them out here.

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