Link roundup 05-07-08 / by Neil Alexander

1) Nikon introduces 2nd Full Frame DSLR, new Speedlight and 2 new PC lenses. Nikon have just release what is basically a D3 in a D300 body. Body only for around £2,000. It looks a good deal for a great piece of kit. Read more at Nikonians here.

2) John Paul Caponigro has written a brief article on "The most expensive photographs ever sold". Andreas Gursky, Edward Steichen and Richard Prince top the list at over £8.5 million between them. Read his post here.

3) What is Fine Art Photography? Brian Auer over at Epic Edits has been polling his readers for some input on this topic and has gleamed some informative and educated results. Check them out here.

4) Do you really need a polarizer or can you just fix it in Photoshop in post? Over at Digital Photography School, they reckon yes and I'm inclined to agree with them. If you've been toying with buying one but not yet committed, then hopefully the following article will persuade you. Read it here.

5) Lee Torrens at the Microstock Diaries who regularly details his work with stock agencies has written a post about a new piece of software called picNiche to assist photographers in an essential part of the stock workflow - keywording. Definitely something I'm going to investigate myself as I often find keywording a real pain in the ass. Read his article here.

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