vs Google Bookmarks / by Neil Alexander

I've finally been persuaded to abandon Google Bookmarks and switch over to using The primary reason being that I often find myself using different PCs and access to just seems to me to be easier and simpler than using Google. I have also found the UI much simpler and quicker to use. I have been a fan of and a regular user of many Google services for a long time. I use Google Mail, Desktop Search, Google Web search, Google Reader, Google Toolbars, Google Earth, Google Maps and too many more to mention, though I have recently abandoned Google Reader in favour of NewsGator (which I find to be a far more user friendly and intelligent application).

Anyway, all the links that appear on this blog, can be found in my publicly available bookmarks - which you can access here -

You can also send me bookmarks to look at, though I've not quite figured out how this works yet....

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