No blog Wednesday 2 / by Neil Alexander

Yesterday you may have noticed was short of a blog entry. I went out Tuesday night to continue the service stations project. I covered over 200 miles getting as far north as Tebay services and shot half a dozen rolls of film. I finally made it home just after 1am suffering with what can best be described as a full on case of Man Flu! An awful nights sleep combined with my eldest deciding he wanted to get up at half 5 left me feeling completely flat yesterday and totally unable to function. I did however manage to dev the film and should be able to post some scans later today. A late business meeting last night was the final straw. I did however manage to get some more photography work out of it :-).

I also took delivery of an Epson R2400 printer yesterday. I managed to get it for a song as they're about to introduce its replacement (the R2880). Its a full A3 colour printer that will print full bleed images, and it Rocks! I've had my eye on one of these for a while as I seem to spend forever sending images off to print, and it costs a fortune and they keep getting lost in the post. I did some sample colour and B&W prints using the sample paper that came with the printer (Epson Premium Glossy Photo & Archival Matte) and the results are tremendous. I used some vouchers for Jessops that I had to get some Harman Gloss & Matt fibre A4 paper. I did have some issues getting it to show the new paper types in the print dialogue box. Also when you change ink cartridges (the Matt black for the Photo black and vice versa) it uses a LOAD of ink to adjust and repopulate the print head, but I reckon I'll never need to send anything out again! I just need to decide on what paper I'm going to use - I'd like to try some of the Hahnemuehle papers and try and source it as cheap as possible!! Any tips or sources much appreciated...... ;-)

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