Monday Monday.... / by Neil Alexander

All quiet today on the photography front. I spent some time over the weekend experimenting with fill flash in the sunshine which really opened my eyes. Though I'm afraid I've no images to post. I spent Saturday afternoon shooting my kids at the park, but I made a conscious decision some time ago not to post pictures of them on the Internet for all to see - there are just too many weirdos out there. I also shot a couple of rolls of slide film using my old Olympus OM10 which I've just sent to be cross-processed, though to my dismay as I was approaching the end of the second film, the camera just kept on winding and winding. When I managed to open the camera inside my dark bag this morning it felt like for some reason the film had stopped winding. I couldn't really tell by touch how much of the film had been exposed, so I'll just have to wait and see... I find loading 120 film so much easier than 35mm. To me its always a bit hit and miss with 35mm whether you've actually loaded the film properly (and I've shot plenty of the damn stuff). Even with my Lomo its the same.

I'm just about to renew my subscription to Black & White magazine ( its a great publication, and I really can't emphasise enough how important it is to keep your eyes scanning new images ) In addition to B&W, I also get Silvershotz, Black & White Photography, National Geographic, FPME and JPG mag. There are a few others that I regularly buy, but don't subscribe too such as Source, PhotoIcon & Next Level. But for me B&W is by far the best, closely followed by Silvershotz .

Also on the shopping list this week is Elliott Erwitt's "Unseen". I had heard that William Eggleston's "2 1/4" is due for a reprint soon, so I'm holding out for that too, as I can't really justify $170 for a used copy. I'm really looking forward to adding the Erwitt book to my growing collection (The wife reckons its getting out of hand already!) and I'll post my thoughts on it once I've got my grubby mits on it.

Totally off topic, I happened across this story about up and coming Manchester band, The Get Out Clause. They decided to make use of the plethora of CCTV cameras that grace our beloved city centre as they couldn't afford to make their own music video. They played in front of 80 different CCTVs around the city and then asked for the video via Freedom of Information Act letters. Apparently about 25% of the CCTV owners complied with the law and turned them over. These result is this video: