Link Roundup 6th June 2008 / by Neil Alexander

This article was originally published by Martin Parr in the Sunday Times and details Martin's favourite photography books of the last year. Click here to read it.

An interesting and insightful article by American portrait and wedding photographer, David Ziser, on how to build your photography business. Click here to read it.

A brief article by Damien Franco over at on "Does shooting film make you a better photographer?". The simple answer, I believe is "yes". And which kinda photographers shoot more film than digi? Just check out the real pro landscape photographers - They all use film! Click here to read it .

I continually strive to expand my creative talents, and flowers, although a tad cliched, are an area that I would like to pursue, even if only briefly. I was looking for inspiration, but a guest poster over at DPS has already done some groundwork for me! I love the internet!! ;-) Click here to read it.

I want one, but can I really justify yet another camera bag??? Click here to read Matt Kloskowski's review of his Boda bag.

Most importantly, are we all going to be arrested as terrorists?? & - WTF??? - - How can I t-shirt possibly be a security threat??? The world's gone mad!

Harlan Ellison - Prolific American writer of short stories & screenplays. He wrote for the original series of Star Trek and has won many acclaimed literary awards. Check this video rant out. Good point, well made!