Good Friday parade, Zejtun, Malta by Neil Alexander

Herod - The Gospels say that Pontius Pilate sent Christ to Herod for him to judge. In the Zejtun Procession the figure of Herod escorted by a cohort of soldiers walks in front of the Statue of the Scourging at the Pillar

 Last week I was in Malta again, and one of the things I was very keen to shoot was the Good Friday parade in Zejtun. However having lost a day to the bank holiday yesterday and I've been processing so many great images that I'm way behind schedule already this week. So today's post is a bit of a teaser for a more detailed one next week.

Characters from the Bible as part of the Good Friday parade in Zejtun, Malta

The First statue in the procession, representing the Agony Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Getsemani. The statue is carried shoulder height by eight men.

The Beland Band and crowds outside St. Catherine's Parish Church, Zejtun, Malta