Motorway Service Stations Project by Neil Alexander


I've been doing some further work on my M6 service stations project over the last couple of days. Now that I've submitted most of my A-level stuff I've got a bit more time to play with so I've been pursuing this again. I had wanted to capture the emptiness and the lonesomeness of the service stations at night, but the sunrise got the better of me. I was out the door for just after 3 and headed down to Stafford services, but by the time I got there (about 3:45am), the light was already changing. Once I'd got there I also realised that these particular services are not really what I was looking for anyway - they're far too leafy and "pleasant", so I opted to work my way up the Northbound carriageway and visited Keele, Sandbach (where I got turfed off), Knutsford (where both these shots were taken), Lymm truck stop, and Charnock Richards. All in all it was a relatively successful trip. The light once the sun had appeared was fantastic so I just kept shooting eventually calling it a day about 8am. I'm glad I did as the image above and the one below I'm really pleased with.Even though the light wasn't what I had planned for, I have still managed to capture the feeling I was looking for. I got around half a dozen keepers but I'll save posting the rest until the body of work has more depth.