Lydiate Lane Farm, Cuerdon, Lancashire by Neil Alexander

Lydiate Lane Farm, Cuerdon, Lancashire (Click to view larger)

As I was headed up the M6 earlier this week, I decided to come off a couple of junctions earlier than I would normally and see if there was anything that caught my eye. I was specifically looking for old farm machinery and old barns with a particular project in mind. I took a couple of random turns and rather happily stumbled across pretty close to what I was looking for. It was around 10 to 15 minutes after sunrise, and the light was golden and very soft - it would have been perfect for some portraits, but as it was, it was great for my farm too. I shot around 7 or 8 different 5 frame HDR scenes until the light became, what I felt was a little too harsh and then headed off.

Dutch - Lydiate Lane Farm, Cuerdon, Lancashire

I did stick around a little while to see if "Dutch" would make an appearance, whoever or whatever he was, but alas no such luck. Maybe next time.....

I 've added a few other images I made on this particular morning to my Lancashire gallery, which you can find here.