Come and see me at Redeye Gallery's Hothouse by Neil Alexander

Redeye's Hothouse at The Studio, Lever Street, Manchester

Redeye's Hothouse at The Studio, Lever Street, Manchester

 On Saturday 10th March I'll be presenting some of my work, giving a short talk and answering questions at Redeye gallery's HotHouse event. It's to be held at The Studio, 51 Lever Street, Manchester. M1 1FN. I'll be on stage around 11am, but the event itself is scheduled to last all day.

"Redeye is delighted to present Hothouse, a day of new photography and showcase of creative talent in the North. It promises to be a hive of activity and information Throughout the day, there will be short presentations from photographers about their recent work and projects. There will also be the opportunity to look through these and other photographic portfolios, and photographers' books. It closes with a special presentation."

I'm going to be showing some of my travel work along with some photographs of Manchester, but the main part of my presentation is going to be from a series I shot some years ago titled "15 minutes". It's a series of photographs made at Manchester United during the 15 minutes of half-time and revolves around the idea that these days we (especially at United) are seen more as customers than fans, and moreover customers that are regularly exploited and ripped off and all because we share a common love and are unable to say No. You can see some of the photographs over at my archive here - "15 minutes" at Manchester United

A half-time pie at Manchester United