I am now Neil Alexander QGPP by Neil Alexander

Neil Alexander - Qualified Member of the Guild of Professional Photographers

Neil Alexander - Qualified Member of the Guild of Professional Photographers

 I don't sing my own praises too often, so on this rare occasion indulge me......

A couple of months back I joined up with the Guild of Professional Photographers over at for several reasons; to join in their community, to aim for their accreditations, and for access to some of the marvellous discounts that they've arranged with associated photographic partners. However what with one thing and another, it's taken me a little time to get in my first submission for their Qualification award. So it was to my surprise on Wednesday that I received a phone call from Steve to inform me that I not only had I passed, but that I had passed with Merit - an honour that they have only granted to one other photographer this year.  Boy was I smiling.....

It entitles me to use the initials QGPP after my name, and adds a not insubstantial amount of kudos to my brand. For the inquisitive amongst you, this   PDF is the Portfolio that I submitted - please feel free to download and distribute. I am also now able to use the QGPP Logo on my website.

There is also a link here to download a copy of the press release below which will be going out to all the local media outlets.

QGPP Press release - Word Format    &  QGPP Press release - PDF

Finally for today, if you missed Tuesday's post, which was part 4 of my ingeniously titled Snappy Tips for Better Photos series, then head over here for an introduction to shooting landscapes.

Have a great weekend.