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The Algarve - the slideshow by Neil Alexander

I've been doing some work lately with a local branding and marketing business who were horrified to learn that I wasn't creating any video as part of my output strategy. My principal argument for not doing any video has been that it's just too time consuming. It was made clear to me in no uncertain manner that from a marketing perspective, video is an absolute must.

So, rather than jump straight in at the deep end, which is my normal manner, I decided I would start by adding some voice and music to a slideshow. No point biting off more than I can chew just yet. In any case whatever I did, it was going to be a learning curve. Simply recording and sequencing audio took far too long - but you got to start somewhere right?

So there's my output. It's a short slideshow.

Feel free to share and comment. And I'd love to know your thoughts. Would you prefer seeing my photographs in a slide show like this, or would you prefer to see them in an online gallery?