Kata Backpack by Neil Alexander

Hooray! The Kata BP-502 I ordered off eBay from Canada has arrived at last. It's a tad larger than I'd anticipated. The one I looked at at PFD must have been the smaller version. After quite a bit of faffing around with the straps, it feels really quite comfortable on my back. Unfortunately I've left one lot of camera equipment at home today, so I can't try fully loading it up. But after emptying my Billingham bag into it (The 'blad and all associated paraphenalia), there is still bucket loads of space left, so I'm quite confident that its all going to fit in. How usable its going to be out in the field is another matter! Watch this space.......

Camera Bag Dilemma (update) by Neil Alexander

Well I got so sick at the weight and the uneveness (is that a word?) & awkwardness of the load I was carrying yesterday, that I've taken the plunge. I was swayed by my visit to PFD on Thursday to collect my Lee ND grad set (oooh soooo nice, soooo expensive!), and I just happened to bump into the Kata man whilst I was there. I had a good look at their BP-502 Kata BP-502 rucksack and trolley and decided that I would be able to get pretty much everything I would need for a shoot in there, and if I couldn't then I probably didn't need it anyway (I'm sure I carry far too much kit around). So after yet more research, and more deliberation, and more research, I found one on eBay from Canada going for a song. They also did the trolley that accompanies it, so I added that. Even with shipping from Canada and the cost of the trolley, it cost much less than getting it from any store in the UK. Let's just hope it arrives as described and intact, or the seller will be getting some stick on here!