Touring Scotland with M&M Photo tours / by Neil Alexander

Edinburgh Castle in the mist

Me sporting my awesome new Pro Express backpack courtesy of Clik Elite

I first came across M&M photo tours back in 2008 or 2009 whilst researching gifts that my wife might like to get me for my 40th birthday. I’d never been to Asia with the sole intention of making photographs and their tour to Indochina sounded perfect. Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam for 10 days with a bunch of like-minded folk - and it was fantastic. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, get some stunning images, make some great new friends but I also learnt an absolute tonne of new photography tips and tricks and really honed my skills. 

The bridge at Sligachan, Skye

So imagine my delight when Mike from M&M approached me several years later to run a tour with them round the highlands and islands of Scotland - a part of the world very close to my heart.  
The itinerary was to consist of many places I knew well along with some that I’d never managed to make it to;  Edinburgh, Trossachs & Oban, Kerrera, Iona, Mull & Staffa. Glencoe, Skye, and then back to Edinburgh for a farewell feed. 

Warriston's Close, Edinburgh

One of the many upsides of leading a tour for me, is that I put little or no pressure on myself to come back with stunning photographs. The tours are not about me making great photographs but about showing the guests how to and getting them in the right spots so that they can. I find it really quite liberating. Don’t get me wrong, my cameras and tripod still go everywhere with me. it’s just that I place the emphasis on the others’ photographs rather than my own. There’s little more rewarding than watching someone have a lightbulb moment after you’ve taught them a particular way of doing something or explained a concept that was clearly troubling them.  

Group shot

Group shot

Sadly though, someone had clearly failed to alert the powers that be that we were coming. The light was on occasion promising, but more often than not it was crap. 

But we had a great time, the guests learnt loads, went home with some great photos and memories and we had an awful lot of fun sampling single malts.....

We'll be going again in June next year, so if you fancy joining us, then you can find out more details here.