Ibiza - a lovely spot for a wedding. / by Neil Alexander

Ibiza - delightful setting for a wedding.

The weekend just gone I was invited with the boss to attend a wedding of family friends at the foam party capital of Europe, the delightful little sun kissed island of Ibiza. Never one to miss an opportunity to make photographs somewhere new I dutifully crammed as much gear into my Think Tank Airport International roller as weight and space would allow and popped my little Fuji X-Pro into my shoulder bag. 

On the first evening, after getting some serious R 'n' R in by the pool (it was ace to be sans enfants for the weekend), I had the opportunity to make some photographs around the old town of Ibiza. I decided in the end, to arm myself simply with the Fuji and it's 35mm F1.4 lens, tripod and a bunch of filters and see what I could see. When time is restricted (I had two hours with little chance of a return trip) and I'm completely new to the area, it is very hard to make good photographs. Not even knowing what's to see never mind how the last light will fall can make things very difficult indeed. I'd done as much research online as I could but until I actually had my feet on the ground, visualising any photographs was very hard indeed. The inclines and the narrowness of the streets took me by surprise and I really wasn't ready for the chaotic nature of it all. I wandered and wandered and whilst I never actually got lost, I ended up doubling back many times after hitting dead ends. It's like a rabbit warren at a 45° incline. It was certainly worth the climb up to the top though as the views are great and the sunset over the hills was a peach.

 And that was pretty much all I managed to squeeze in in the short time I was there. Oh, yes there was a wedding the next evening, and being very good friends of my wife, she "encouraged" me to take a camera and shoot some pictures for them. I know which side my bread is buttered on so obviously I complied. It was actually a lot of fun. No pressure. Just me and the lil' X-Pro again. The local pro they'd hired had a much harder time.