Desktop Wallpaper for March 2013 / by Neil Alexander

Sunrise over Ullswater looking towards Patterdale

It's time for another desktop wallpaper. 

Once again, I'm running a little competition running revolving around this photograph, but to be eligible and party to the competition details you need to be in my "Image of the Month" club. Sign up here - you've got to be in it to win it!

Usual instructions apply - click the link most appropriate for your monitor and select "open in new tab" or "open in new window". Then once the image has downloaded you can set it as your desktop background from there. Feel free to share around. If there's a size that you want (you've some funky Dell tablet or some such), or it looks a little stretched on your monitor, simply ping me a comment below and I'll fix one up for you.

If it's more than a desktop wallpaper that you're looking for, then you can purchase prints or a commercial license for this image here.

Enjoy and have a great Month.


Somehow I managed to leave a whole bunch of unwanted branches in the frame before posting! Now removed and wallpaper updated. Major quality control fail! Apologies.....