Desktop Wallpaper for March 2012 / by Neil Alexander

Barton Bridge, M60 Orbital Motorway, over the Manchester Ship Canal at sunset

Crikey. Yet another month has flown by, so it's time once again to liven up your computer desktops with a new wallpaper calendar.

This photograph of Barton Bridge on the M60 motorway around Manchester was made late last summer. I was on my way for a game of squash with my squash buddy and I was running about 15 minutes ahead of schedule (a rare occurence). As I drove over the bridge I could see the setting sun off to my side beginning to turn the sky a lovely shade of orange. I made a small detour to get round underneath the bridge and waited for the sun to drop down right in between the support pillars. I only had my little Olympus EP-1 with me, but as always I had a tripod, clamps and neutral density filters in the boot. Using a narrow aperture to give me a deep depth of field and a slow shutter speed to blur the traffic out of the photograph, I then handheld a graduated neutral density filter and used the self-timer to fire the shutter. Simples.

Once again, I've created it in 3 different sizes: 2560x1440 - Desktop wallpaper for March 2012 1920x1200 - Desktop wallpaper for March 2012 1440x900 - Desktop wallpaper for March 2012

The simplest way to download is to right click on the appropriate size for you and select "open in new tab" or "open in new window". You can then set it as your desktop background from there.

If there's a sspecific size that you want, or it looks a little stretched on your monitor, let me know the dimensions you require in the comments below.