Another trip to Malta / by Neil Alexander

The ancient city of Mdina, Malta at night (Click to view larger)

I've finally got round to processing some of my images from my most recent trip to Malta. The top and bottom images were shot in the medieval walled town of Mdina or "Silent City" as it's often referred to. Mdina was first inhabited around 700BC and is one of the highest points on the island providing stunning views over the surrounding countryside, weather permitting which alas whilst I was there, it wasn't.....

The top photograph is a 3 frame tripod mounted HDR image processed in PhotoMatix. I shot several groups for this scene, but this is the only one where there are people in it who stood still for long enough (around 30 seconds) to avoid any motion blur. Whilst I quite often like motion blur at night (for example in the bottom image of the group browsing a restaurant menu), this image I felt looked better with a static group. The image below was shot in the streets of Rabat, which is essentially an extension of Mdina, just outside the walls.

The streets of Rabat, Malta (Click to view larger)

I think that this one would have looked a little better had the two people been a little farther apart, maybe either side of the door walking towards each other but by the time I'd spotted them, it was too late and that particular decisive moment had long gone.

The ancient city of Mdina, Malta at night (Click to view larger)

Buried under a mountain of editing again, so it's short and sweet one more time....


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