Boundaries Project. Part 2 / by Neil Alexander

For the next in my Boundaries series, I chose "Theft, I had envisaged a man appearing to either look for or steal a wallet and car keys. The torch could have been required as a result of a power cut, or he may need the torch as he doesn’t want to turn lights on and attract attention.

Strobist: Shot in middle of the day, I closed all the blind in the room except one. I place a flash outside directed to shoot through window using the Georgian panes as a Gobo on full power. I gelled this flash with a CTO to give it the hue of the sodium light from a streetlight. I then dialled the exposure on the camera up to 1/30 sec at F8 in order to cut out all but a little of the ambient light. Another flash was placed camera right high up pointing down to the table to provide a little highlight on the wallet & keys. A 3” grid was applied to this one, and it was set to around 1/32 power. Ideally this light would have gone behind the subject to produce shadows that would match the torch light, but this wasn’t feasible. Possible fix in Photoshop?