Lensbaby re-launch / by Neil Alexander

Check out this behind the scenes video by Vincent Laforet and here's a link to the final video. It was shot using a pre-production version of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR - in a similar vein to the new Nikon D90. But for me, the question has to be why? Why do you need to have video on a high end DSLR? It cheapens the whole thing in my opinion. I mean if you shoot video, then you use a video camera right? And, if you're a stills man (or woman), then you'd use a stills camera. I just don't get it...

Lensbaby re-launch Now to kit, my favourite choice of topic ;-). I just got a very jazzy email from www.lensbaby.com which will appear here shortly (though this page doesn't work in Chrome, Firefox or IE7!). Basically they've re-launched the range and added a new product called the "Composer". The words smooth & precise "describe focusing the new Composer selective focus SLR camera lens. With this lens, you don’t compress to change your focus. The Composer’s ball and socket design allows you to just tilt and then rotate the barrel focus ring with one hand, providing an unprecedented level of ease and precision."
The Original Lensbaby, 2.0, and 3G have been reintroduced as the Muse and the Control Freak, updating our classic lenses with the new Lensbaby Optic Swap System. The optic swap system "lets you change your optic to get the look that fits your creative vision. When you want to change the look of your photographs, simply pop the optic out of your Lensbaby and drop in a new view. The Lensbaby Optic Swap System includes the Double Glass (the optic from Lensbaby 3G), Single Glass (update of the Original Lensbaby optic), and the all-new Plastic and Pinhole / Zone plate Optics." .
I've long been an admirer of the Lensbaby products and the results that these remarkable lenses can produce, but I've never actually gone down the path of owning one - though I think that may be about to change!! For more info, go here

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