Inspirational Photographers / by Neil Alexander

I've been a bit remiss on the blog posting front lately I'm afraid, but hopefully I've got time for a quick one this morning before heading up the M6 again...

I stumbled across the work of Chase Jarvis the other day, and I was really impressed. He's been a pro since '96, and is inspired mostly, ironically by painters! Chase's images breathe a compelling freshness - sometimes technical or conceptual, other times authentic or raw. Some of Chase's clients are Apple Computer, American Express, Helly Hansen, Kodak, Microsoft Corporation, Nike, and many more. He was voted a Hasselblad master in December 2007 and reportedly uses an H3D - check out his work here -

Another photographer who's recently caught my eye is Zoriah Miller. Zoriah is an award winning photojournalist whose images of conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, The Gaza Strip and Lebanon have been widely published. His style of dark and moody imagery has become a trademark and he often releases feature stories containing graphic imagery of war, disease, social issues and strife which are considered both powerful and compassionate. His main site is at - but be warned - you could be there a while! I've been going back for days now, and I still haven't been right through all his work.

Finally, if you've not yet upgraded to Lightroom 2, then check out this article on DPS. It's a concise list of the main selling points, and yes the upgrade is really worth it. Though I was a bit miffed that $99 mysteriously transpired into about £90 (I'm sure the exchange rate is better than that - couldn't be Adobe trying to make a few extra quid out of us poor Brits could it??)

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