Day trip to Bradford / by Neil Alexander

Took a day out today to pop over to the National Media Museum in Bradford to check out the Cartier-Bresson Scrapbook exhibition. Well worth the trip. I've got several of his books and seen a lot of his photographs, but was a real experience and a pleasure to see his own prints and listen to lengthy video of him discussing his photographs. The guy really was a genius! Also worth a visit was a trip over the road to the Impressions gallery. Stephen Vaughan's "Ultima Thule" was really rather good. Some astonishing landscapes from Iceland and the Arctic Circle.

Shot some scenery on the way there, though it was cold, misty and very windy. Shot slide so will have to wait a few days for the results. Short post as now have to trek over to DS Colour Labs to drop off films and collect some from earlier in the week.