Ilford Delta vs Kodak T-Max / by Neil Alexander

To date, I've shot primarily with Ilford Delta. I've used HP5 a bit, but I've preferred the Delta. Developed in DD-X I've been getting some pretty good results. That is until I tried Kodak's new T-Max.

Wow! The results are so much better. I shot a couple of rolls of 400 and dev'd them in DD-X and the quality of the negs are vastly better than the Delta. Very sharp and seriously fine grain. I've ordered some T-Max developer from Silverprint along with a job lot of film and am quite keen to see the results of T-Max dev'd in its own developer. I'm pretty gutted that they don't yet appear to do a 3200 ISO in 120. They only seem to do it in 35mm, but allegedly it can be pushed 4 stops to 50,000 ISO. I'm quite keen to have a go with that too ;-)