My Lomo (update) / by Neil Alexander

OK, feeling particularily stupid now. I've eventually got response from the cockney Latvian I bought my Lomo from. He suggested I made sure the batteries were the right way round. Batteries.....I didn't read anything about batteries in the instructions (they were in Russian, so I could just about be forgiven here).....and not watch batteries! Surely they didn't have tiny silver oxide button batteries in 1823 or whenever the camera was invented! A quick trip to Superdrug later, and now I have a little red LED through the viewfinder to let me know that my batteries are in, the right way round and working. Fat use that is. Maybe a little LED to say "Oi dumbass, where's your batteries??" would have been more useful! So I now have a film in 1 hour processing - lets hope that there is the odd exposed image on there this time...... Cretin!

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