First Hasselblad results / by Neil Alexander

I got my results of first play with the 'blad yesterday (a day early) from Pro-Imaging, and am very pleased. I didn't ruin any film, and 75% are exposed near enough correctly! So I've sussed both light meter and camera - very pleased :-) I only got contact sheets done, as there was no real need to print individual frames. Not particularily pleased with contact sheets tho, as some seem to have large amounts of dust fleks and finger prints on. I've scanned a few of the better ones - see here. Ignore dust speks as these don't appear on the negs, only on the contact sheets.

I've just got back from chatting to Rick at PFD. I've bought a load of Ilford PANF Plus 50 ISO, HP5 Plus 400 ISO, and I just had to get some Fuji Velvia just to see what all the fuss is about. All in date, and now safely tucked away in the fridge at the office, though I must remember to take some home too.

Every trip to PFD seems to take 3 times as long as you plan for, but ho hum - the guys there are a fountain of knowledge. Discussed lightboxes and darkroom paraphenalia, and it turns out that with some second hand kit, I could probably kit myself out for about £500. But in the meantime, a useful tip from Rick. As a temporary lightbox, change your Windows desktop to plain white, clear it off open windows, boost your monitors brightness, and hey tiddly ho - you got yourself a lightbox! Cool, huh?


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