Working out print sizes by Neil Alexander

I spent a little time this morning trying to demonstrate print sizes to a prospective customer, so I created the image below to give them some idea. I thought it worked so well that it was worth sharing here. Much easier to envisage than just throwing numbers into the air I hope. 

Oh, and incidentally, lil' ol' me. I'm 5 foot 8. 

Got some idea now? Then swing by my galleries here and check out the prints. If you'd like more information regarding guarantees, delivery information and pricing, then swing by my FAQs page here.

More prints for sale by Neil Alexander

Soon to be ex-willow tree

Hi there gang, and Happy Thursday once again. Slightly distracted today as I'm having a hoofing great willow tree felled - it was a beautiful tree but was fast becoming a major nuisance to us and the neighbours so it's having to go. Really rather fascinating watching the guys at work. Never before have I seen such a lethal tool as a chainsaw used with so much dexterity!


Anyway, on to business..... As I've mentioned in a previous post or two, I'm moving my print galleries over to Fine Art America as I feel that it'll be a better place from which to sell my printed photographs. Not only can you buy top quality prints, but acrylics, canvases, metal prints and pre-framed images all ready to hang straight on your wall. Pricing is very competitively set and there is 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I go to extreme lengths to make sure that all the images that I post there are of first class quality and I am certain that you won't be disappointed. To date, I've around 60 images posted from the Lake District, Cheshire, Anglesey, the Isle of Skye, France, Spain and Iceland with plenty more to come.

If you've seen any images on my website or blog that you'd like a print of, then don't hesitate to ping me an email and I'll see what I can arrange for you.