Epson Stylus R2400 update / by Neil Alexander

I mentioned some time ago that I’d got myself an Epson R2400 stylus printer which uses the 8 point Ultrachrome cartridge system and will reportedly produce outstanding quality monochrome prints up to A3 in size on high quality acid free fibre paper. I could get great results on the standard Epson Matt Fibre paper, but it was a tad flimsy for my liking and I heard great reports about the Harman Matt Fibre which is 320gsm.

Some time later, having wasted nearly an entire box of this expensive paper getting rubbish to mediocre results slavishly following the detailed instructions that came with the paper and on Epson’s website, I decided to throw Harman’s instructions on set up and configuration away, and apply a little intuitiveness, and lo’ and behold I’ve managed to make 2 outstanding black and white prints on my last 2 sheets of paper! I’ll definitely be getting some more of this paper for prints as I’m really quite impressed by the result, though it ain’t cheap!

Back to the printer, the downside is it’s ink usage. I’ve made maybe 50 prints and I’m nearly out of ink. Also when you change the different blacks in order to print on gloss or matt paper, the printer seems to go through a particularly lengthy routine which seems to waste undue quantities of ink. A full set of cartridges retails with Epson for about £100! I think I’ll be investigating one of those bottle feed systems….