Mid-week update / by Neil Alexander

I'm afraid to say that I'm absolutely mentally busy at the moment, and unfortunately one of the first things to suffer is this blog! I still haven't found the time to finish processing my shoot from London the other week, or go through my images of the seals from last week. I have however managed to find a few bits and bobs of interest to keep going...

If you're in the US, and you're into your Urban Exploration, then this is the site for you - www.opacity.us - it's a great site packed full of great photographs and a comprehensive list of places to shoot.

Another great site if you shoot portraits and are after some inspiration is www.davehillphoto.com .

If you're still stuck for inspiration, try checking out the PhotoNetCast podcast. Their latest instalment (Episode 9), has "inspiration" as its theme and is worth a listen as always. Check out the shownotes and podcast here.

Finally, I've noticed that there is a serious dearth of stock photographs of uPVC doors, windows, gutters, conservatories etc, so if you've got some you're prepared to sell, please contact me ASAP!

That's it from me for the time being I'm afraid - I really need some sleep!!

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