Calendar update / by Neil Alexander

Made it into Manchester yesterday evening in order to try and get some more shots for the calendar as it looked to be a nice evening. Was a bit miffed when just as I was parking, the sun decided it would disappear behind some clouds only to reappear for about 5 minutes before it decided to set. I grabbed a few of the town hall (which I've yet to process), but all in all it was a bit of a wasted trip. Ho hum.


I had a late start this morning, again, as I had to run some errands and do a spot of re-cycling (I wish they'd take plastic and cardboard from our doorstep along with the paper and cans that they already do). I remembered from a while ago, that there was a rusty burnt out old Ford Ka near the re-cycling centre, so I thought I'd investigate it again. Foolishly, I had shorts and trainers on! The car was about 1/4 mile down a very overgrown wet path riddled with nettles. I made it through pretty much unscathed, though it did take me a while. But when I got there, the car was pretty much engulfed by vegetation. I got a few frames off, and then headed back the same way.... slowly! Don't really feel that I got anything great though. The above is what I found when I got there! I'm trialling the Nik Software Silver Efex Pro and I thought I'd process this with it - interesting & pleasing results. It's not cheap, but from everything I've read about it, it's well worth the $$. We'll see....


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