Link round up - 17th June 2008 / by Neil Alexander

I meant to post this over the weekend, but what with family commitments and post processing a couple of shoots I did towards the end of last week, its been somewhat delayed. Better late than never anyway....

1) David Ziser's turns out some really insightful articles amid his relentless posting and here's another discussing 9 important business strategies for quoting for that big job you're just dying to get. Read it here

2) Dean at Photopreneur provides a quality article discussing why its really worth taking the plunge into professional shooting. Read it here

3) Another interesting article from Photopreneur on why using Flickr is really quite a good idea. Read it here

4) Mike Johnston from the  online photographer runs through the top 10 digital cameras of 2008, from the D3 to the new PhaseOne digital back, to the latest entry level DSLRs. Read it here

5) An interesting article from Lee Torrens over at the Microstock Diaries showing how some of the Pros really do earn some big money from shooting specifically for stock agencies. Read it here