"Who's the w****r in the black?" / by Neil Alexander

Fabrizio Filippini - '15 Minutes' - A photography project3 more shots from the Roma game to add to the Football Fans project. This was shot just after the referee had awarded Roma a very dubious penatly. Fortunately De Rossi completely sky'd it! I have printed the majority of these myself in the darkroom, but I thought I would have a go at scanning the negs and getting them printed digitally too. (There are a few I have had problems with in the darkroom due to the low light they were shot in, and lack of contrast in the neg). I collected the prints yesterday and am rather disappointed with the results to be quite honest. Some are better than others even though I followed exactly the same procedure for each shot. Some are rather pixelated and the final quality is nowhere near as good as those I printed myself. Since my last post on this subject, I have done a not insignifcant amount of reading on how to scan B&W using ICE and dodge and burn (not using the standard PS tools as these are too intense) and so I am now torn as to how exactly to complete this assignment. I am out of the office all next week on a course and the deadline is rapidly approaching.....

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